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Partian silver coins


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This is one of my favorite Parthian coins:




I just like the almost "modern art" styling on this coin.



Parthian Vologases III (AD 105-147) Drachm

Obverse: Bare-headed bust left with pointed beard; wearing diadem with loop at top; earring visible; border of dots

Reverse: Archer seated right on throne holding bow; blundered Greek legend

Mint: Ecbatana (undated)

Catalog: Sellwood Vologases III Type 78 - Size 20mm

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Here's another "nosey" Parthian king:




Parthia Orodes I (BC 90-80) Drachm

Obverse: Bust left with medium beard wearing tiara with eight pointed star in center

Reverse: Archer seated right on throne; in right hand bow, Greek inscription

Mint: Rhagae (undated)

English: "[Of the] Great King, Arsaces, the Autocrat, the Father-loving, the Noble, the Greek-loving"

Catalog: Sellwood Orodes I Type 31 - Size 20mm



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You could look in the catalogue data for my coins?

The standard reference for Parthian coins is cheap. You could buy it and do your own.

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