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Question on San Marino coins


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Hello, I'm Davide from Italy.

I have a quesdtion to ask you. I'm sorry in advance for my terrible English... :ninja:

I possess several San Marino doubles, namely some '80s and '90s 200 and 500 lire pieces, and also a 1997 1000 lire one.

At that epoch it was not impossible to find these coins, that were circulating also in Italy, mainly in the zones around San Marino (and my sister lives in Rimini, near San Marino!). However, after the start of the Euro epoch, I noted that these coins acquired a different value, and for example I see them sold in typical websites of auctions for unusual amounts.

At present, I don't want to sell them, but only to swap them with other international coins. Before doing this, however, I would like to know more about the possible exchange rate (for example: I should swap a 500 lire with 3, or 4, or more "normal" coins?) I can apply in these possible swaps.

These coins are in VF or (in majority) XF conditions.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions,



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Hello Davide, welcome to coinpeople. I believe San Marino coins are actually quite popular these days because of it's low mintage as well as it's not commonly found in circulation. Perhaps what would be good is actually look at what prices are being sold on ebay and compare them. It's up to you of how you want to decide the swap - some people might be more interested in such coins and be willing to trade more than you think ;)


Once again welcome to coinpeople by the way. :ninja:

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Hi gxseries,

thank you for both the welcome and the reply!

My doubts arise just from an inspection of ebay prices! There are people who sell circulated 500 lire pieces even for 4,00 euro! I think it's too much, but maybe I should require an higher exchange rate (...higher than 3x or 4x) in case of swapping of these coins.

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