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Pair of CU Sequential Bristol Penn. National Notes


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With Nationals I wonder that the prices outside of the given region of issue can be subjective? For instance there were two or three national banks in the town near where I live, but I still cannot find one locally at a price I am willing to pay, but if I buy on Heritage, Lyn Knight etc. it becomes much easier.


But a consecutive serialled pair is interesting, obviously those were set back and saved long ago, and kept in wonderful condition.

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Technically, these are not consecutive notes, rather, they are notes from consecutive sheets.


Type I notes [which these are] all had the same numerical characters on each of the 6-note sheets, differing only by the prefix letter. The top of the sheet is the "A" position and the bottom of the sheet is the "F" position.


While the notes were printed in 12-note sheets [six high by two wide], the printed sheets were split in two before the printing of the bank name and serial numbers. Thus you can find an "E" note with both an E and a K as the tiny plate position letter.


Still a very nice find...


Jay [not in Garrison anymore due to my fire...]

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