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A Comprehensive Guide of Coins & Banknotes from the Kingdom of Cambodia


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"A Comprehensive Guide of Coins and Banknotes from the Kingdom of Cambodia" First Edition, 2008


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"A Comprehensive Guide of Coins and banknotes from the Kingdom of Cambodia", is a newly published catalog that lists as many varieties of both coins and banknotes that can be found to date, of course no list is complete, but this guide provides an extensive list and analysis of all the coins and banknotes released in Cambodia, many varieties such as different coin mints from ancient Cambodia through to modern Cambodia, Banknote; bank specimens, printer specimens, color proofs, design proofs, counterfeit varieties, bizarre over-stamp varieties, replacement note issues, and so fourth.


The Guide is 90 pages, professionally bounded and provides ALL illustrations in full color for both coins and banknotes.


The coin sections covers from the early 1st century through to modern day Cambodia, covering many rare pieces that are unlisted in the general world catalogs. However the guide has left out souvenir/collector coin issues that were struck in the dozens over the last few decades, and have only focused on coins that were issued for use within the country. Some interesting pieces are the Cambodian 15th-17th Century coins, where they depict everyday animals on small coins the size of toe nail.


The Banknote sections cover Indochina issues that had Khmer/Cambodian design motifs, and then the first Khmer Riel before her independence through to her independence and to modern day Cambodia. Not only does it list and illustrate common varieties that is well known, but it also lists/illustrates rare specimens, color proofs, replacement notes, and counterfeit varieties that have previously been unknown or uncommon in the general market. Every note variety have been carefully illustrated accordingly providing a detailed outlook of what is available out there for the savvy collector. There are also scans of all the different watermarks found on the Cambodian issued notes, and also detailed close-ups of unique features of a variety of the notes. At the end of the banknote section there is also a short section on counterfeit varieties of the interesting yet rare Khmer Rouge Regional Influence Banknotes issued in 1993-94.


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