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Teenage coin collector headed for Guinness


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Bhubaneshwar: 15-year-old Deviprasad Mangaraj has attained worldwide fame for his hobby, which has resulted in his possessing the country's largest collection of antique coins.


The teenage numismatist has more than 40 thousand antique coins from 120 different countries and hopes to enter the Guinness Book of World Records soon.


But it's not just the love for records that keeps him going.


"By collecting such coins I am keen to make people aware of the history, important personalities and the period of those coins," says Mangaraj, who dreams of building a coin museum for children in Bhubaneshwar.



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That is all he has, and he is getting into the record books? Suffice to say, serious people collecting coins will never tell you how many they have, it is just plain stupid.

i second that!!! if anyone asks i only have two wheat pennies and alot of fake money!!! i bet within a year he will get robbed!!

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