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Example of how you should post your image for PBC 5

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As mentioned, if the rules were a bit too long to read, this is an example:


Please post all three images (that is if you are submitting 3) in a single thread. Also, please place the banknotes in the appropriate section!


Feel free to edit as many times as you wish.


Australia, 1993, 10 dollars, wet print



Singapore, 1996 25 dollars, 25th Anniversary of MAS



US, 1999 5 dollars, star note



Please do not worry about the reverse as I can edit it manually!


What is important is that the tags are in URL format, NOT img format. Also feel free to add in a short description of your coin, i.e. birth anniversary of someone, mintmark C.


As for banknotes, I am well aware that for some notes, the years may not be too obvious. Do not worry about this!


Also, I understand well that with banknotes, they may not appear as neat on banknotebank due to unusual size formatting. I will allow more grace time for this and will help out whereever possible.

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