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Announcing CoinsGB.com forum launch + giveaway

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To celebrate the birth of my new baby daughter Sophia and the launch of my new website and forum, I am having a giveaway over on the CoinsGB.com forum.


There will be two separate prizes.


Prize 1:

1872 Queen Victoria Gothic Florin

1787 George III Sixpence


Prize 2:

Starter coin and banknote collection. (includes Complete set of George VI farthings 1937-1952, 1951 crown, 3x QE II £5 coins, QE II £2 coin, QE II 1956 two shillings a Queen Victoria token, Queen Victoria straights settlements 1 cent 1887 and a selection of banknotes.)


To enter the giveaway simply join the CoinsGB.com forum and post a message on the relevant giveaway section.

You can find the forum here:


CoinsGB forum link


Even if you don’t want to enter the giveaway I would be honored if you joined.


P.S. I don’t want you to leave this excellent forum and I haven’t any plans of leaving. I will still continue to play an active role here. I only wish is that you join and hopefully enjoy my forum as well.


Thank you,


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Okay everyone, not quite on the same scale as the recent Hus giveaways, but in support of Coins GB and the Encased Collectors International (ECI), I am giving away the following in a free giveaway via the Coins GB forum:


An encased UNC 1956 farthing which are currently being sold by the ECI ( limited encased decimal pennies and predecimal halfpennies are also available), link provided below:


Encased Collectors International



They are very limited in numbers (only 8 of the 1956 farthings have been encased) and they could turn out to be a future collectable.


Encased coins (also known as lucky pennies, ringed farthings) are coins that were encased predominantly for advertising purposes, and they were very popular in the USA, with several examples also produced in the UK and Canada. All of the UK examples of which I am currently aware are listed on my site, link provided to the images below:


Ringed Farthings


The encasement of coins is still carried out, but on a much smaller scale with mainly numismatic bodies using them for coin fairs, anniversaries etc, although there are a few people who have used them to commemmorate personal events.


To also add to this I am throwing in an 1879 (scarcer Large 9 variety) farthing.






And finally for the error collectors, a 1943 Ceylon Cent which shows signs of a severely clashed die, George's complete portrait outline can be seen on the reverse.







I will post the coins to the winner anywhere in the world free of charge.




Anyone who responds to the giveaway post on the COINSGB.COM forum indicating their interest will have their names placed into a draw, the winner will be chosen at random from the names submitted. This giveaway ends Monday 5th Nov. 2007 20:00 GMT all entries must be in by then. Only one entry allowed per person, the winner will be announced later that night. Good luck to all who enter!!


Many Thanks,

Colin G


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A very nice site. Mostly familiar faces there so far. I won a few great coins in the initial giveaway......WOW! can't wait to get hold of them.

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CoinsGB is a site not to be missed, if you like British Coins, even if only slightly, then it is the place to be!

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To late!

Those are such nice coins, I always wanted a decent example of a 1800's British copper coin! :ninja:;) ;)

And that clash is way to cool! ;)

Good luck in the drawings guys...


You CAN still enter he has delayed the draw till the 9th.


"Please note that due to the difficulties at the start of the post, I will be extending the entry period until the 9th November. Originally it was supposed to have been a week long entry period, but due to the unforeseen circumstances this has ended up being reduced to a 3 day giveaway!"


Good luck!

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