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New Romanian coins, and some prices


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I've just picked up today 400 coins from bank (two rolls of each type), so I will honour my promises... when I come back from Black Sea!

The new banknotes are pretty similar to old polymer notes, but they are smaller and with some minor changes. It appears the biggest 500 lei note, equivalent of 166$ (33% of my salary!), but ATM's are still full of old notes...

Tip: because of their very small value, the 1 Ban and 5 Bani coins are few, and they will become rares soon. I saw only 50 Bani coins in circulation until now.

Today's exchange rate: 1$ = 3 Lei, 1 Euro=3,60 Lei

Gas price: Premium:3,60 lei/litre, Diesel Euro3: 3,15 lei/litre

Average Romanian salary: 550-700 lei/month

Bread:1,20 lei

Big Mac: 4,50 lei

2 l Coke: 2,90 lei

Marlboro: 3,70 lei

Bus, tram ticket: 1,70 lei

Unlimited DSL (256kbps) internet access: 38 lei/month


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Interesting how in so many places of the world coins of value under 10c are scarcely used. (But yet in the U.S. and Canada...)


Thanks also for those prices... always interesting to find out what things cost (and salaries) in different places!

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Wow, that's a bargain for me!!!!


This morning in the Netherlands, at a very cheap gas station:


€ 1.309 / litre = € 4.94 / gallon = US$ 5.91/gallon


Shell asks more: € 1.35 / litre = US$ 6.09 / gallon


however, average income here is much higher that Banivechi's : € 1000/month

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