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2007 Idaho quarter...slight doubling


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Nice find... doesn't look like it was easy to spot.

Sure does look like it has some doubling.

But then again, I seem to be seeing everything doubled lately. :ninja:




I hear ya Corky...I've been looking so long for something worthwhile that I know my eyes are seeing what they wanna see not what is actually there. I post pics for varification... basically if you don't get any replies you have nothing of interest... thats my varification ;)

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So if nothing else just humor me, now I see doubling at the bottom of the 2 and both zeros. If its the wrong type of doubling then can someone tell me more distinguishing factors. I'm determined to try to get this right one day! ;) Also another shot of 1890 coming up... is it just me seeing double, maybe I should stop searching for awhile :ninja:

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