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I'm thinking split grade. with the reverse 12 and obverse 8. But not sure if its the picture. The shield looks too worn to be a 10 or more. The feathers on the reverse look good enough to make a 12+

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I wish that split grading were more common. According to the ANA grading book, at least 3 letters in "Liberty" must be visible for a grade of F-12, but I do think the reverse is in that range.


Friends keep bringing me coins that they've had sitting around for years - inherited or from their childhood collections. I don't pretend to know more than the basics, but it's good practice for me and I can at least start them off in the right direction. It was fun to discover this 20 cent piece in an old change purse, buried in corroded Canadian cents.

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I still really want one of those...



Me too. I need one for my type set and it'd be great just to have one anyway.

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