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Sir Sisu

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I have a couple of points that will give the basic outline of what I have in mind to do here.


Firstly, I will keep the links, references, news, etc focused in english as much as possible. The idea is to offer resources about Finnish coinage/banknotes to the "outside" numismatic community. Of course, some Finnish language links that offer self explanatory numerical data or images may be included.


Secondly, acknowledging that collecting Finnish coins is a very fringe area in the collecting world at large, I am going to focus my efforts at first to set this area up as a general information outpost for Finnish coins/banknotes, etc. Of course general discussion is always welcome.


Thirdly, I do not claim expertise on Finnish coinage. It happens to be my prime area of collecting interest. So there may be much that I cannot answer. Consequently all additional opinions, corrections, answers, info, etc. are warmly welcomed!


And thanks to Stujoe and Anton for setting this up! :ninja:

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