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Fake 2 euro coins


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according to one oof the largest news papers in the Netherlands, there are some people trying to sell fake 2 euro coins, for "half price".


They're offering quantities of 100,000 at a time. They're german coins, with the german eagle on it.


They look very real, but vending machines will spit them out again, as the composition and the weight are wrong.


here's a picture of a real one and a fake one:




the one to the left is real.


Note the upper part of the "2" and the "o" in euro, compared to the outer ring of the coin....

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I hope I'll never get one without knowing........


What's the official weight of 2 Euro coins? I have 5 pieces, and one Austrian is 8,47 grams. All others are 8,34 grams

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Wow... 150 Euros for the 3.88 Japanese-German packed set... that's too expensive... for just uncirculated coins in some unique offical cases... :ninja:


I wouldn't mind getting a counterfeit 2 Euro coin... there is one counterfeit coin that I am looking for, which is Japan's 500yen coin, which appearently became a nationwide scandal. ;)

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