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Finally some actual "world" coins!


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jeesh already making money even before theres a so called community in space... maybe there gunna stockpile it lol dumb people... why couldnt they make cash??? will it disappear while in space?? or it could multiply in space maybe thats why nasa is so rich eh?

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Such trips could be interesting and maybe even become affordable one day. :ninja: From here in Düsseldorf you can now fly to the North Pole (no landing though), and it seems that passengers are enthusiastic because of the great views. Guess that the experience of seeing Earth, and maybe other planets, from a spaceship would be even more exciting. But casino style plastic chips are pretty much the last thing, in my opinion, that would be necessary then. All expenses can easily be logged, and paid for after the trip. Heck, the customer won't suddenly run away ...



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