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China dollar, etc.

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China, Chihli prov. dollar, I believe that this one is the Y#73.2 (yr.34). Nice AU+ coin with close to if not full lustre, but has a four areas (one about ¼" and the others smaller) that appear to be some sort of hard putty or cement on the obverse. I don't feel like spending the time to send it in to have the spots removed, but I think that it could be done by NCS. Return it for a refund if you don't like it. - $50.00 delivered.







1963 Greece 30 drachmai, neat silver coin, BU - $22.00 dlvd.







1900-B Great Britain trade dollar, AU detail with line of hits starting at 5:30 at rim of reverse and extending upward into design - $27.00 dlvd.






PM me if interested in any of these.

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