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Armenian Numismatic Society offers Book Donations to Schools


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Keeping with its tradition of promoting and encouraging the science of Armenian numismatics, the executive board of the Armenian Numismatic Society has decided to begin donating Armenian numismatic books to Armenian High Schools in the United States.

Numismatic books for Armenian high schools in the United States are considered a luxury which is sometimes out of the question. Armenian day-schools in the United States are subsidized by donations from parents, benefactors and members of the Armenian community living within the immediate vicinity of the school. Tuition fees cover only a fraction of the total expenses and tight budgets limit the financial allocations for Armenological books.

For the past few decades, the Society has been shipping numismatic books to Armenia to be distributed to Armenian schools of higher education in order to spread the knowledge of Armenian numismatics. While a few schools in the Los Angeles area have also received publications from the Society or various other sources.

In order to provide as much as possible, while preventing the duplication of titles in, the Society requests that librarians of Armenian High Schools compare their holdings with the Society's publication list (located on our website) and inform the society's secretary about the books the school would like to receive.

The website for the Armenian Numismatic Society is http://www.ArmNumSoc.org. The Society's secretary may be contacted at 562-695-0980 or by e-mail at ArmNumSoc@aol.com. The Society is located at 8511 Beverly Park Place, Pico Rivera, CA 90660-1920

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