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Help- Wheat cent error?

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I have a 1956 wheat penny and on the reverse, on the left wheat stalk (midways up) is a mark that looks like a D. What could this be? I'm not an expert on how these coins were minted, is there any way that the mint mark could have mistakenly placed on the reverse? it is about the same distance from the edge. Or is this just a flaw from a defective die? the coin is in unc condition so i know this didnt happen after the coin was made. Hope someone knows what it is.



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Dockwalliper is correct. A die crack is a mere split in the metal. A die chip is a small piece of the die broken out. The term die break is often used for large die chips. Might as well toss them all in there, a broken die is where a die splits from one side all the way to the other.

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