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Æthelred II Silver First Hand Type Penny


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You should have come Richard!!! They had bargain trays where all coins were 50 pence, but to my dissatisfaction, this penny wasn't in one. :ninja: I had to haggle this one!


Quite a few people there! I met collectors and dealers from Russia to America and Greece to Ireland. A right mix of good people, but as expected there was quite a few thieves. Apparently the gang was caught by the Police and will soon be deported, according to rumours...


All the best,


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Next time for sure. I will be happy to accompany you as one of the only other hammered nuts on this forum hehehehe ;)


But that is in a year's time... :ninja:


Are you a member of the BNS? http://www.fitzmuseum.cam.ac.uk/dept/coins...msoc/index.html

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Many thanks. It is a First Hand type minted c. 979-985. The reverse features the Hand of Providence reaching from the clouds.

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Nice find Clive. That's a hard Aethelred issue to come by in such condition


Many thanks Mike, it was one of my first Anglo-Saxon pennies and so I have it to thank for getting me hooked. :ninja:

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