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New Lincoln penny images spark debate


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Maybe the will look better once they are engraved - in my opinion, at the moment, yes, they do look pretty ugly.


Also, I hope they do the half-completed Capitol since keeping the Union together was his ultimate goal.

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I would think something along the lines of the "Gettysburg Address" would be more appropriate. Never before or since then has a hastily written speech on a scrap of paper written whilst rumbling across the countryside to Gettysburg for the dedication of the cemetery there had so much of an impact on emotions, but not right away during or immediately after the address. But weeks and months later when it went into print. Lincoln is an admirable character, I grudgingly respect him, I say grudgingly because most of my ancestors were Southern. I do not for one moment think any other leader of any caliber could have held the USA together during that time. It is now forgotten, but many in the North, lead by Stephen Douglas, George McClellan etc. would have just assumed let the nation divide into at least two countries, and probably more.

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Like the design, but the Soldiers Home in the rear really was not pivotal in Lincoln's life other than he stayed there to get out of Washington. No where in any of the designs do you see any reference to his inaugural speeches, or the Gettysburg address, which were pivotal in his presidency.


And then there is this:




The Lincoln - Douglas debates were important, but having to show the "Little Giant" and give him recognition?

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