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"Slabs" "Proof sets"


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Maybe it is just our desire to get our hot sweaty hands on that cold hard cash... :ninja:


So far I have resisted the need to free those beautiful coins from their enclosures. But I think about what might happen to them if I were to do so.


Now, if there were one or two defective coins in a set and I wanted to get the rest graded and have them come back in slabs I am not sure what I would do. Right now I have that decision to make concerning a lovely 1976 proof set with a bad penny in it.

It might take awhile for me to make this decision, until then you all go on with your conversations and I will go on with my contemplating.



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Well, I'm considering breaking out a MS-63 Peace Dollar (1923? Can't remember, I'm in class) from its USGS slab just so I can put my whole Peace collection in one spot; I'm not gonna slab any common-date poor or about good pieces.


As for proof sets - I don't get many; I have a 1987 set for my birth year and will be getting a 2007 set because it has the SQs and PDs. I just pull pretty pieces from circulation to put in my folders.

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I only have a few slabbed coins that I have kept in there because they are UNC and Gold in perfect condition...any other coin that has already been circulated, I break out...any ancient coin I get in a slab I free right off the bat...I see little need in encasing a coin...I will use airtites...then I can open them and get the coin out as I please.

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