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1884 Morgan


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Here is my pretty lady's backside.


I have been trying to determine a grade for her. Anyone wanta help me out?





The Back says AU+ but the front is a XF+ I myself would place this coin between XF-45 and AU-50 The Back is beautiful not many bag marks at all. Very nice!

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Thank You Dave.


She came with an older sister, 1880 p, who shows a bit more aging, but not too bad for her actual age.


They were in two all silver lots I bought from that four letter word place. There were many mercuries, including two uncirculated. A handful of Washingtons, with two uncirculated. Then an uncirulated Franklin 1963, a bunch of silver Roosevelts, including four uncirculated. Four Liberty dimes, a standing Liberty quarter, and eight standing Liberty halves.

I think I have the names right. This is a totally new area for me.


Checking the pretty Morgan against my Photograde book I had thought she would grade Fine to Extra Fine fairly easily.

I know it is near to impossible to grade from a photograph, so I appreciate your time and input.


I think I have just fallen head over heels for Morgans. Never had one in my hand before I received these two. Such a nice hefty *real* coin feel. Now I don't know what I am going to do with all my Lincoln cents.... :ninja:


Thanks again,


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