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Antique British coins, mostly Georgian ENDED

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**Prices set, please see below..


I have for sale some antique coins, mostly from the Georgian period (late eighteenth/early nineteenth). I thought I'd put a 'heads up' in here first to see if there's any interest..


Rough guide to the coins:


Victorian Penny (1858)

George III Penny (1806)


George II Halfpenny 1752

George II Halfpenny (1752)

George III Halfpenny (1799) x 3

George III Halfpenny (1806) x 2

George III Halfpenny (1807)


George III Farthing (1799)

Rose Farthing


I will post photos later...


**Have to mention for anybody just coming in, I can only accept PayPal

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11 coins altogether




First two rows






Second two rows






I'll set prices and make it a first come, first serve basis. Please note I'm also offering these on CoinCommunity...



OK P&P= $4 world rate lower rate for Europe or Uk (actual cost)

Same postal cost for however many you want - though it won't be recorded.


Pricing: In the first photo, number the coins from top left moving across right and down in rows so that the George II Halfpenny 1752 is 1, the Rose farthing 2, Victorian Penny = 3 etc...


1. $10

2. $4

3. $6

4. $6

5. $6

6. $4

7. $14

8. $12

9. $6

10. $6

11. $6


Thanks for looking 8>D


Not sure if I should be selling in two places at the same time but I will cross them off if and when, they are sold (a.s.a.p)


**Please not I can only accept PayPal. I neglected to mention this first time round so I am sorry if you cannot send money this way.

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I'll take the 1752 1/2d. Send me a pm with details on payment.



I would like if I have the numbers right


number 1 1752 10.00


number 4 1799 6.00


and number 7 1799 14.00


Plus postage.


But you would have to wait till next Tues for the payment



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# 4 is the only certainty (dave44) so far - thingee of CC has 7, 8 and 1 (due to an earlier system clock time when he chimed in) if he can pay by PayPal..(however he said the best he can do is a cheque) if he can't then #1 goes to ccg. When these are gone for definite, I will either cross them off the list or delete them. It should resolve and become clearer fairly soon...

One way or another you can say 1 and 7 are gone also..

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hi so i take it that i have 4 and 7. if 3 is still there (the one dated 1858) i would like that one to.


sorry i am not using my caps but i am typing with one hand at 7am with my baby daughter. trying to bottle feed her and type sucks. oh the joys of being a dad.


ps please let me know what the postage is to Washington state usa thanks.

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Just to let you know, have not received any payment yet. I know I messed up the email when I gave details to ccg, it should have been matthewwoodward2007@googlemail.com not the version without 2007. I checked and it seems the possessor of that email has not registered for a PayPal account anyway so he can't take the money.

Anyway, please let me know what is going on but there is no rush anyway as the Royal Mail workers are presently on strike until Tuesday!....



If anyone still wants these, be quick as I am going to group them up and sell them together in auctions.....

It will probably be on CoinCommunity...

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