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Yet Another YN Contest Going Darkside

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i have to have that banknote because its from 1939 and i have no banknotes from the 30s.. another reason is that the sheild with the angels on each sdie is very classic and beautiful im kinda thinking of putting a collection of sheilds(coins and banknotes) . hope i win it!!! thanks for the contest!!!

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i have to have that banknote because its from 1939 and i have no banknotes from the 30s


i dont think any1 under 21 on coin ppl has a 1930's banknote ^_^ eheh (an just cause 1939 is written on it it doesnt mean it was made in 1939 ...it means the rule or w/e that was passed that made this note legal to use as money...eg bahrain has 1964 on it banknotes doesnt mean they are from 1964 :ninja:) , well i like it cause


1) its old

2) hard 2 get in midd east

3) the color reminds me of lime...which is my frnds fav color who is now in england studyin her a lvls an i wont see till winter break

4) will make a nice addition 2 my banknote collection

5) i like the basic design ...its simple

6) i like that its plain on 1 side an has color an a picture on the other side


^_^ nice contest again dave ;) thanks

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Yeah!!! I like this note, because of the accents on the O's. It is a very pretty note. I'd like it most of all, because I'm a little hungry. (Pun intended)



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I must have this note because it's absolutely fascinating! The grain lines deserve a close inspection; I'd like to see how they are incorporated into that lovely portrait!


And also because I have not a single banknote to my name at the moment...

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I need that banknote:


1- Because my iberian girls needs to speak a little bit of hungarian and meet new people for talking about girls things haha!!!


2-Because i have the 10 pengo 1936 and 100 pengo 1930, and that is one of my faults!


3-Because last summer went to Hungary and havent found any numismatic or banknote shop!!!


4- And because remember to me a hungarian friend that i met last summer there!!!!


:ninja: (thats all my reasons that i remember right now) haha

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That's SO cool. Who is she/what does she represent?

Hungaria - she represents Hungary. During that era they had lots of ladies on their paper money, see here:


Hungarian Beauty on Banknotes


Part of my collecting theme of attractive females on banknotes. Kind of makes pickled presidents dull when you look at representations of España, Marianne(France) Britannia(British £5 1957) and the lovelies on the Czech notes.

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