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Brazil 1815 Bor R 960 reis


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Anyone is familiar with variety that shows bigger then usual globe? When I got my new (7'th) 960 reis I was a bit disappointed because although it shows that it was minted on Spanish colonial 8 reals very little of the host coin is shown other then essayer initial "J". Then I noticed that it vary quite a bit from my better gVF+ coin of the same year and mint (I think this one is B as well). Basically the globe's width is about 3 mm or 1/8 of an inch bigger (to a full inch in width) then all of the other KM-307 types I have.


So the question - is it something that is known or common or rather unusual pair of dies? Thank you in advance

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From what I see, your coin definately sounds like a typical feature of an overstrike. What happens during an overstrike is that because the planchet used is not flat, depending on the pressure and the features of the coin, angle orientation etc, it can appear quite unusual. I wouldn't be too suprised if the deviation. This is something interesting to study about.

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