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A rather neat coin from Poland commemorating Aichi Expo, Japan


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Sounds like a very good idea. Maybe once the twins are out of office, or at least one of them. :ninja: As for the coin, well, since Poland (chamber of commerce, various companies, etc.) participated in the Expo 2005, why not issue some coin(s) on that occasion? http://www.nbp.pl/en/banknoty/kolekcjoners...005/expo_en.pdf Think of the Olympics or other sports events - first they were not commemorated on coins, then the "host country" issued such pieces, and now pretty much every participating country does. As long as collectors buy them ...


(At least the 2 zl coins are issued at face. There is an awful lot of them, and they don't really circulate AFAIK, but you can have them without having to pay extra. Good.)



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