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Latest OJ Simpson case involves rare coin theft


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Excerpts from The Smoking Gun website:




That term, as it turned out, was served concurrently with yet another Riccio felony conviction, this one stemming from the theft of nearly $500,000 worth of rare gold and silver coins.


In that Los Angeles Superior Court case, Riccio was nabbed for trying to fence coins that were boosted from a numismatic dealer show at a Long Beach Convention Center show. According to court records, Riccio was arrested when a vigilant Glendale dealer called cops after he recognized a rare 1870 Cuban copper coin as having been stolen from Miami dealer Arthur Smith. When cops later confronted him in the businessman's store, Riccio exclaimed, "You can't prove they are stolen."


A subsequent search of two safes at Riccio's home turned up 1100 more coins swiped from Smith, along with other items belonging to the veteran numismatist. Riccio claimed that he had recently purchased the valuable coins for $4500 from a white male who came into his baseball card business. Riccio admitted to police that he sold some of Smith's coins in Dallas, Omaha, and Oklahoma City. Additionally, before the Glendale dealer became suspicious and called the cops, Riccio had, on two occasions, sold the businessman some of Smith's coins. At Riccio's request, the dealer paid him in Krugerands.


A Long Beach jury convicted Riccio of receiving stolen property, a felony for which he was sentenced to three years in prison. He was also ordered to pay Smith $165,000 in restitution. As a result of the two separate state convictions, Riccio spent 37 months in the California state prison system.




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