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Some interesting color variation with Aussie 10 dollar note


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I found these notes a few days ago. I pulled these out from circulation a couple of years back and now I don't see any 10 dollar notes issued before 2001.


Australia released it's first polymer note as a commemorative back in 1988. It had plenty of issues then and the 5 dollar note was released in 1992. The 10 dollar note was released in 1993.


However there seemed to be quite a fair bit of issues:








As you can see, the intensity of blue is perhaps way too dark as well as there wasn't enough time given to let the ink dry. As a result, you can see the impression of the digit "10" and "Ten dollars" in reverse on the obverse. Pretty neat really.


In the following year, a quick fixup was done and this is how most notes look like these days:





Now these notes can be quite difficult to find in circulation.

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Spotted them earlier when I was adding a few notes to Banknotebank and thought they were great, I love the suttle diffrences in the notes :ninja:;) (Note to self) Must add one to my collection soon LOL

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