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1891 Frankfurt International Electrical Exposition

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I acquired a large aluminum medal in part because I liked the design (especially the eagle on the reverse) and in part because it looked like a good research topic. The medal commemorates the 1891 International Electrical Exposition held in Frankfurt am Main in 1891. The exposition was known for its 100km run of high transmission lines delivering 3 phase electrical current to power the exposition. The obverse seems to capture the male pulling the electrical lines over the city to power the light held by the nude female. The reverse states it is crafted from aluminum produced in Switzerland (electricity proved to be the secret to the low cost production of aluminum). An early use of aluminum for medals, a little known but significant exposition given that electricity fueled the major international expositions in the coming years, and a bi-national origin for the medal.



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Nice medal. People often forget that aluminum was considered a precious metal and was quite expensive in the 1800s. (Probably early 1900s as well.)

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