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Rare hunt on eBay - Poltina 1877 with the small eagle


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Does somebody have any auction references? :ninja:

Unfortunately, no auction references ... however, the rarer eagle variety should be St. George without cape, is this correct? (It looks like there is some kind of cape in this photo).


Also, RW Julian says that there are other differences in tail feathers between the eagles.


Do you own this coin already, or are you looking to buy it?

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This is correct.




I don't think so. Only one or two references speak about the cape on St. George. Usually following distinct mark is used: eagle of 1859 - three parallel rows of feathers in the tail, eagle of 1860 - two parallel rows of feathers. Eagle of 1859 used on some poltinas in 70s is also much smaller.


Here you can compare - This is the normal variety:



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Here you can clearly see the difference (I put them next to each other):




On the left is the rare variety - small eagle, cross on the crown does not touch the circle, three rows of feathers in the tail.

On the right is the normal variety - two rows of feathers, eagle is bigger, cross on the crown touches the circle

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