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Can anyone recommend some books I could use for closely analyzing the artwork on American coinage? What I mean by that is I'm looking for an in-depth description of both obv. and rev. of American coinage from the colonial times - current; what I'm NOT looking for, for instance, are the sculpting techniques of the various artists and stuff like that; I want to know how much the designs changed over time. Which means I am also looking for books on laws passed and other politics regarding coinage throughout the same ages - what caused the changes and so forth, for example when Roosevelt called for a change, etc.


This may be asking a lot, but I'm asking the experts, no?

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Some references that may be of assistance:


Numismatic Art in America by Vermeule


US Mint and Coinage by Taxay


Renaissance of American Coinage by Burdette (two of three volumes in print)


They should give you a good start and some good links into other references and materials.

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