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Georg II


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Hi I just got this in a lot I bought and need to know what coin & estimated value as I propoly gona put it for sale.


it seemes to be Silver & weight is 0.99 gram


Georg II the picture in his yanger days it lookes like.


The Official Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is there & on the left, the shield is supported by the English Lion & On the right it is supported by the chained Unicorn of Scotland.


Below the shield parts of the English motto can be read Dieu et mon Droit.






Thanks for all help in advance!


Best Regards to all



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It certainly isn't an official George II coin. All George II busts face left not right. The reverse is unlike any I’ve come across. The bust is to crudely engraved, the reverse is weakly stuck. It is more likely to be a medal or a token. Interesting piece though needs more research.

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I have a token with George III that resembles this a bit, might be a jetton of some kind...portait is nothing like your standard GII portrait.


Could you put up a photo of that token you got as I was today told this propoly is a token that was used to pay for the horse carages during this time!


I dono if that info is corekt so I would definitly be happy for all info that I can get to trase this item!!


Best Regards

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