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Looking for a Holder....


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Hello All,


I'm looking for some type of currency holder that will hold 100 BEP wrapped



I lucked into finding a 2003 BEP wrapped pack of 2 dollar bills at my local

bank and I want to keep them as gem mint as possible.


Any link to such a currency holder would be appreciated........


Thanks.... :ninja:


And glad to be back on CoinPeople.......

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The BEP wrapper I mentioned above is the little paper wrapper used by banks to

hold a stack of bills together.


What I'm really looking for is a clear hard plastic case, like a snap-lock case, that

will hold the entire 100 bills.


Thanks for the plastic wrap idea, I hadn't really thought of that.....

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I don't know of any company that makes a holder for a bundle of notes. But if you got a tupperware or rubbermaid container you can always use that. Just remember to put a silica pack in with it.

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