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Alternative Local Currencies

Geoff Allemand

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G'day from Australia.


I was hoping someone would help me find a website where I can get notes that are from locally produced currencies.

There are a number of towns/cities around the world producing their own local currency to help local communities.


Are there people who are collectors of these notes I could contact?


Any thoughts?


Thanks Geoff

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These seem to be some the most common local currencies. You might want to take a look at the sites.


All the best,


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There was quite a lenghty thread on here about that a while ago. Unfortunately I cannot get search to work for me at the moment. You might want to pm Mike Morotta he has written a number of articles about this subject. His id is MMoratta.

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hiya! i collect local currencies as well. not too many people do, so it's nice coming across others. :ninja:

here's a link to my website of scans: http://public.fotki.com/sanmiguel/private_...cal-currencies/

one of these days i'll have to update the new additions with better descriptions. right now, most of them are just labeled with whatever generic name i gave them after the scanner.


here's where i picked them up:












i've always found it cheapest to obtain them directly from the issuers. just e-mail them, and they should be happy to help. i told them i was a collector, and every note they sent me arrived in uncirculated condition, the german notes i have are somewhat new...and i've only been able to find them on e-bay. i wish i knew how to get more of those direct.


good luck on the hunt, and welcome to coinpeople! ;)

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when i ordered berkshares, the berkshire chamber of commerce responded to my e-mail the very same day. they charged me face value + $6.00 shipping and handling.


$6.00 over face wasn't so bad, considering they also took the time to look for crispy new notes & sent them in a protective mailer.

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I canna believe that nobody here mentioned that Coinpeople has its' own currencies. We have smackers, dollars, and grains of sand. I have several of them on my banknotebank.com site.



heheh, i posted without ever seeing this reply. ;)


here's a link to tiffibunny's banknotebank. http://banknotebank.com/user_view.aspx?id=Tiffibunny


i like the way her camera catches the holograms vs. our scanner pics. i almost forgot about the guineas! i don't have any of those...


gotta love this aspect of coinpeople's paperpeople. the majority of us have our own private issues. :ninja:

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wow, ithaca has their own currency? cool.

Yep. We used to collect them where I worked. We didn't see them often, but they did circulate. I'm a little sorry I didn't collect them when I was there, but I may have to phone my old buddies one of these days and see if I can get my hands on one or two.

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