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A Tribute to Arnold Machin


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Out of all the Elizabeth II obverses used over the years i think there is one that stands out beyond all of the others. The one that people just think of, the one that was used all across the globe, the one that Jersey until recently refused to lose. The one that still adorns the regular issue UK stamps all these years on after decimalisation first saw it appear. Which might not sound a great deal but when you consider the coins have changed obverses twice in this time period, it's quite an achievement.


So to the late Arnold Machin this thread of lustrous Machin bronzes is dutifully dedicated.



The first three are from Great Britain and are the halfpenny (demonetised in 1984 the last year of the Machin obverse in the UK), the penny and the twopence.










Here's a 2 cents from Fiji (i didn't have a clue where Fiji was until i looked it up, but then geography was never my strong point). Whatever i did when i scanned the UK ones i seemingly can't do now!





And a 1977 halfpenny from the Isle of Man.



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