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Banknotes need indentifing help


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Recently I recieved a shipment of banknotes and 2 are an unknown origin.


top note is 2004 and the language looks like armenian but im not sure

denomination is 2 coat of arms is an eagle with the head facing left front has a church and a bishop back has a cross jesus and john the bapitist


bottom note has both cyrlic and greek like caracters and of unknown origin

denomination is 20 front has a queen with cyrlic text and greek text back has a church with cyrlic and greek text


i also tried to scan the banknotes to here but the file limitation is to low

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These are examples of the Nagorno-Karabakh banknotes I think you are talking about:





They are interesting notes. I have heard, but am not certain to the truth, that these notes do not circulate there. I think someone here said that these were sold as a fundraiser for the fledgling government rather than for the government to issue to their citizens.

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found em! :ninja:


your first note is definitely the nagorno karabakhian 2 dram note. those are novelty notes ordered by and delivered to the educational coin company in new york, marketed almost exclusively on e-bay. they've been ordered to stop selling them, so you won't find them on their website anymore.




i think the second note you're talking about belongs to bulgaria.





it's listed as bulgaria p-100, 20 leva, 1994. the front portrait is of dutchess sevastokrat oritza desislava, the reverse features the boyana church, and catalog value is listed at $0.25 in uncirculated condition.

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