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No end to flea market greatness

just carl

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I almost didn't bother going to a flea market today due to the massive storms we just had here in the Chicago area. Streets flooded, trees down, traffic lights out, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people without power. At one RR crossing the gates were half down and cop was directing traffic. I asked it the gates half down ment half a train was coming. Helped maked him a little happier.

Now back to the flea market. I went anyway and was amazed that it was more crowded than usual. Same person selling coins that I usually buy from. Today this is what I purchased from him

Most Mercury Dimes.

16S (possibly micro S) F-12, 18S F-12, 35 EF-40, 38D MS-63 with almost FSB's, 44 AU-50, 41 MS-60 almost no 1 in date, 42S EF-40 with only the top of the 2 in the date.

Roosevelts 59 EF-40 & 63D MS-62.

Last a 1943 Lincoln Cent MS-60.

All this for $10. Someday that guy just has to wake up.

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