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What are these worth?


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You have about $60-70 worth of coins, but I caution you that the images on your auction will actually lower or discourage a lot of bidders because they are not sharp. The largest coins are American Silver Eagles, each with 1 oz of silver and they are worth about $12-13 each. The 1879 $1 is worth about $14-14.50 depending on mintmark, condition of the coin etc. The dimes are worth about a $1 each. The buffalo nickels are worth about 35-40¢ each, but I cannot see the dates and some are worth more. The 1858 cent I cannot see enough of to know what it is worth. The 1943 cents same thing, cannot see enough of them to determine what they are worth.


If you have a means of getting better images of the coins it will help your auction and you will realize more than the face value of the coins. HTH

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Present bid is about $26. If those are 4 Silver dollars are in the condition they appear, true worth at least $10 each. Pending the dates of the Mercury Dimes that would have to be a bare, bare minimum of $1 to $2 each. Buffalo (Indian Head) Nickels if no dates are still worth a buck or two. The steel Lincolns can be purchased for about $1 each or less in AU to MS grades.

As noted already you have there a minimum of $60 to $70 pending some of the actual, if any dates on some of those coins. Well worth a chance for that price range.

Even with the outrageous $7 shipping cost.

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