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One shocker coin


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If you have been checking out the Korean coin market, prices are slowly going as insane as the Russian coin market (I'm sure there is some evil conspiracy somewhere)


Today I received this coin and wow, it's a shocker!




As well as, I ordered a Korean 2008 coin and banknote catalogue only to find out that the real value for this coin is a lot more than what I bargained for!!! :ninja:


A mintage of 6.3 million minted in Osaka, Japan. Value of this coin for this year:


UNC: 250

aUNC: 120

XF: 80

VF: 50

F: 30


Not too bad after I thought I was paying for a XF-! I'm sure it's at least aUNC if not UNC, just a pitiful ding on the dragon's horn else it would have been a stunner. Now it's a good additional to my Korean coinage under the Japanese protectorate !

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