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The good "ole" days


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  • 1 year later...

Well, yes, when there were fewer people in the hobby things were quieter. That aside, however, you probably realize that this is just a matter of raw inflation. If you were in Serbia, you'd be ogling the prices from last year -- and if you were in Zimbabwe, you'd wish for a time machine to take you back to this morning with tonight's money.


Probably the best way to keep a standard is with the time it takes to earn the object. While you might not find a graph for "Speed the Plow" or Bank of Upper Canada tokens, but you can measure those against bread or gasoline or a television set. Do you have an iPOD or a cellphone or a personal computer -- those were "infinitely expensive" in 1964.


If your present job even existed in 1964, what would it have paid?


The funny thing is, suppose you could go back in a time machine to 1964, knowing what you know today ( :ninja: ) ... would you get a 1964 job, live in 1964, buy the 1964 coins, and then come forward when you had a stash? You see, the time you spent would be a sunk cost. Bring that forward to the future, and you are not very far ahead, if anything at all, versus the lost production possibilities and costs of forgone opportunities. In other words, the time you spent in 1964 carries a heavy hidden cost.


Sad but true, A is A, and reality is not to be cheated.


... though it is heady to dream...

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