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Goetz Exonumia Design

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Paris Period (1899-1904) Egyptian Winged Asp and Lotus Flower Motif, Stamped Brass, 41mmX37mm. Unique


Here is a design example made by Goetz while apprenticing in Paris (1899-1904). I'm not sure if he designed this while freelancing for himself or if he was designing for Firmin Lassére, a pupil of Roty, or Monsieur E. Philippe.


Egyptian influence played heavily on designs in the Jugenstil Period. Jugendstil, or Youth Style, was the German iteration of French Art Nouveau.


This piece is pictured on Page four, top row, third from left, of Gunter Kienast’s Goetz II.reference book.



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…after further inspection of the eight piece lot I won it appears that stylistically this piece conforms more towards the geometric ‘Art Deco’ conventions more than the seven other flowery, arabesque-laden pieces in the lot. As such, this would imply that this design came from after 1922 as Art deco designers admired and borrowed from ancient art that was being unearthed by archaeologists at the time, especially the treasures of the ancient Egyptian king Tutankhamun (exhibited in Paris in 1922).

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