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Picture This Time 1955 S Cent with a possible Cud

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ok I finally got with a friend with an awesome camera (so thats how you pros do it!) Amazing the much better clarity of the coin pic from a nice camera. So please tell me if this is at best a somewhat common error? i think its a cud on the first 5 in 1955. Only thing the camera didnt seem to show as accurately was the near uncirculated shape of the coin. Its shiny as a 2007.



Upload failed. Please ask the administrator to check the settings and permissions.Please allow this pic to appear?

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an awesome camera (so thats how you pros do it!)


;) if u call my cell phone a sony ericsson k800i with only 3.2 mega pixels a pro's cam ;) ^_^ it is for taking pics but not for coin pics ;) so not that clear but better then my other cams ;) eheh my mum has a better 1 but she wont let use it >_< ^_^ lol


an yup its a cud :D i also found 1 bahraini 100 fils with a cud last week while i was findin coins for dustin :D eheh :D anyway nice find :ninja:

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Wow Vfox...........your collection makes my mouth water!!! Awesome! Yes the coin (1955S) is very near uncirculated! I noticed you have a very simular error in your collection, but a filled 9.



Thanks for the kind words, took me years and years to get them, and I will probably keep on hoarding for all my life, lol. :ninja:

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Thanks Becky.....is this better? I dont think I can get it much bigger! Smiles, Shane


Also I saw the same error on sale on EBAY and it was with what they referred to as a "plug" also has 4 other errors from same yr and mint mark..a "plug" 9 ect. Only 15$..but this one is in uncirc shape..........going to hold on to it shane

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Die chips were very common in the 50's, they can be very cool.... :ninja:




This is called a BIE, they used to be very collectable but were so common, they kind of fell by the wayside. Still very fun to have a couple. ;)

One would be nice..........a couple must be great!!!

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