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Scipio Africanus


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These are two of my acqusitions from the ANA. They are pretty scarce and hard to price because of this.

Scipio Africanus is the main Roman general responsible for the defeat of Hannibal and Carthage in the 2nd punic war setting the stage for Roman dominion of the whole Mediterranean.


Larger Coin




Smaller Coin



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Love them :ninja:


I really have to get a nice Cartaginian coin sometime they are just lovely.

Don't you mean Roman or at least Spanish? ;)

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No, Carthage was an entity unto it's own. Try calling Hannibal a Roman.

Yes, but those coins were minted in Carthago Nova after 209 BC :ninja:

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Yeah, those were.

So since it was struck under Roman authority can't it be called Roman?

I'm sure they used the dies or die cutters that were already there...

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