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Ireland €10 "Celtic Culture"


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Next month the Irish Central Bank issues a new collector coin. Or actually two: a €10 silver coin and a €20 gold coin. The theme is "Celtic Culture", the release date is 12 September AFAIK. This is what the coins (both have basically the same design) will look like:



http://www.numismatico.de/files/ir07silber_200.jpg (Image: Starshop Coins)


Mintage of that silver coin will be 35,000 (gold: 25,000). These are proof issues; neither of the two can be had at face value.



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The coin is not very well "balanced" anyway, I think: One side is kind of full while the other just has the usual harp/country/year combination. But the ornament I like. The four figures apparently hold a spade, a book, a violin and - for the computer age - a notebook. The Irish central bank does not list the coins online yet; these are AFAIK the specifications of the two pieces:


Silver coin:

Nominal value 10 euro

Ag 925, proof only

Ø 38.6 mm, weight 28.28 g

Issue price: €35


Gold coin:

Nominal value 20 euro

Au 999, proof only

Ø 13.3 mm, weight 1.24 g

Issue price: €50


That gold coin will be tiny ... :ninja:



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The one side looks like a Jackson Pollock painting.

Hehe, except that when you get closer to a Pollock painting, it still looks like a Pollock painting. :ninja: If you look closely at the coin, however, this side is quite ornamental but also symmetric. A little playful but an appropriate design for a "Celtic Culture" coin.


The central bank now has some info about the coins online. Here is a large photo of the design that shows the details pretty well:



(This is the small gold piece, same design as the silver coin.) The description is here:



crystalk64: In the past I have bought several coins and sets directly from the Irish Central Bank. Could be an option for you too. But they charge €8.50 for shipping outside IE, quite a lot for one piece ...



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