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Suspicious1722 gold 2 roubles

RW Julian

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Julian I don't see the problem regarding about photo-wise. One was done under awful color setting by a digital camera (i.e. bad color contrast) and the other was done a scanner which makes it look flat. I do think I see similar bumps and scratches which makes it unlikely two different coins were used.


For example the bump above the letter O, "POCCICKI" and then the scratch at the number "2" of 17"2"2. Would be quite difficult to fake it all up if two different coins were used.

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draftwire sells very high quality @fuflo@ (fakes in english) I never could spot any differences, but i am quite sure its another fake//

Draftwire sold two high-grade Peter III St. Petersburg roubles in 2006, both of which were definite fakes.

The obverse die for both coins can be seen in the Russian Numismatic Society Newsletter 19 (spring

2007), page 8.



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cant he get arrested for that?

Only if a buyer makes a complaint. The seller is in the UK and if the buyer lives

elsewhere it would be difficult. Moreover, if memory serves correctly, the sale

was private, no names listed as buyers.


The buyers would also, I think, have to prove that the seller was aware that the

pieces were false.



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