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Curious dutch coin on ebay


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It seems the coin is located in China - is this a bad thing??




Yes, in my opinion It is a bad thing. For whatever reason, many fakes and dangerous items have been coming out of China lately. Its not just the fake coins. Toothpaste with anti-freeze additives, childrens toys painted with led paint, and the poisened dog food. I can't wait to see what they have planned for the olympics (record level smog appears to be the front runner.)

I was burned once on a coin deal from China, :ninja: fortunitly it was for a small amount.

If the coin is in China, it is best to leave it there. ;);););)

Please keep in mind that this is strictly my opinion.

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poisened dog food


:ninja: nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! i heard of it an saw it on abc news .....but forgot xD since it was a long time ago ....now i have a dog then i didnt ...hmmm gotta watch out ......be right back will check her dog food cans


nope its from australia ;) (>_> my dog eats food from australia an i dont >_> sheeesh)

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I wouldn't touch it.


As soon as I saw the name location was "China" I thought I wouldn't touch it!


Odd how the image of the knight only vaguely resembles the original. Yes I have seen lots of crapola located in China on ebay coin searches, when you look at the description they usually say postage is something ridiculous like £30-100!!?


Of course I believe the panda coins are a gimmick....

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