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Edward I ERROR Penny

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Edward I Penny used in the reign of Edward II, reads Civi Civi Lon Don instead of Civi Tas Lon Don.

The moneyers were under such strain to produce coins that they often made errors like these.

Not a bad example, in my opinion at least! :ninja:


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Although some think that it is because their ale allowance was too relaxed! :ninja:

I have hardly ever seen modern errors let alone one that is over 700 years old...


All the best,


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I wonder that some of the errors were caused by illiterate or only semi-literate mint workers. Literacy during the 14th century was remarkably low by comparison to the present time, in fact only about 1-2% of people were literate and they were mostly in monastic or governing realms.

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Maybe, many errors in spelling are found on Tudor coins too.

Never seen any errors on Scottish coins, although I only have the one Scottish hammered... :ninja:

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