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Kennedy die cracks

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About 10 months ago I came accross this 1998 Kennedy half dollar with a thin die crack running along the neck line to the rim.



This weekend, I had the chance to search a few rolls of halves and found a few items worth keeping. A nice 1990-D and 1999-D turned up and I needed both of them. Also retired a 1968-D 40% silver. :ninja:


Additionally, I found three more 1998-P halves with similar die cracks.




Guess that was a stress point on the dies for that year...kinda interesting.

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i have an exact Kennedy,,,,as the 1st pic. Is there a premium on these? thx


Die cracks are not that rare and unless they gain some kind of notoriety with a catchy name, they do not tend to carry much of a premium when this minor. But they are interesting. By the way, I found another one of these neckline cracks :ninja:

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