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Hello from Surrey

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Just thought that I should say hi to my fellow forum members.

I'm Clive, an avid collector from Surrey. I have a passion for Hammered coinage, specifically Cnut-Edward III

Would love to hear from any fellow hammered-nuts! ;)


Also, I like Victorian crowns and the legendary Cartwheel pennies/twopences.


Feel free to email me! :ninja:

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Welcome aboard, nice to have a Surrey member here. I have an old 17th century token from what used to be part of Surrey, but now swallowed up by that megalopolis up north east.


Feel free to post pics, share stories of your coins etc. I collect mostly Scottish hammered myself, but I started with English and have a fair amount going back into Anglo-Saxon, which I pity myself to admit I had rather forgotten until I saw it on a bank visit the other day.

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Many thanks guys, have been reading through other topics. Very interesting! Think that I'll be here for the long term! :ninja:


All the best,


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nice 2 hear that :D we need more active posters ^_^ cause it adds 2 the knowledge an fun we get :ninja:;) when i joined i didnt know anythin xD but art, gx, scott, bill, dave, deadpoint , ccq, rodney an others (sry if i didnt name u ) made me into an experienced coin collector ;) (well still cant grade coins right ;) but gettin their :D cause im used 2 using the sheldon method which is poor till unc grades only an no 1-70 ^_^ ) eheheh anyway ;) have fun :D

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