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1830 Platinum 6 Roubles?


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eh looks slver to me and they made platinum coins back then????


Nice joke...


The "thing" from eBay is a slap in a face to anybody who has spend any time even looking at it... 10 cents is the fleamarket's price in Vancouver. And it is not silver. Poopalloy it is - to be polite.

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What do you all think about this coin? ;)




The seller does not seem to know it's not supposed to be silver. :ninja:



you all missed the point here !


The seller knows that the coin is fake ! He specifies "silver" in purpose ! The coin listed IS MADE of silver. So, NONE will be able to blame the seller !

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PS "The coin listed IS MADE of silver." - it is NOT! As I said before exactly the same material is sold at fleamarket at 10 cents a peace. Some are even 20 cents...


- gxseries, please kindly watch your words as there are some youths in this forum. Thanks.

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5 days to go. I bet it goes for a lot too!

It's a shame for the beginners who get stung on such auctions.

It is sometimes hard for a beginner to tell the difference between real coins and semi good-very good fakes.

I bet quite a lot of beginners get stung on fleebay and then quit this great hobby.

Note to all novices. If a deal seems to good to be true, it probably is!

eBay just seems to be a money spinning monster. I think that if a few people complain about a particular auction they should pull the said auction.

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Another staggering price for what appears to be junk metal. :ninja:


This auction ended with the winning bid at $4,050.00 with 44 bids. ;)

Is it really possible for so many people to be wrong? ;)


By the way, I did ask the seller about his description of the coin as being "silver", but received no answer at all. Guess who is laughing all the way to the bank.

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