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Banknote Trivia/Ask Me Thread

Grant Ness

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I'm thinking the Qatar 1 Riyal




I was originally going to go with the Eritrea 5 Nafka, but after looking into it, I'm thinking you're right. The Qatar Riyal is currently at 1 QAR equal to 0.274725 USD, while 5 Nafkas equal 0.3333 USD.

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just a few years ago, the winner would have to be this note:




over 550,000 zimbabwean dollars were equal to one u.s. dollar, so imagine a dollar being equal to a stack of 1,100 of these. :ninja:


today's zimbabwe dollar has been redenominated two or three times since note above...but i wouldn't be surprised if the old zimbabwe dollar moved to the millions or billions!

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[quote name='Grant Ness' date='Aug 18 2007, 11:51 PM' post='342597'


As far as the hologram note, where is said hologram on the QAR 1 Riyal? Are you referring to the security strip?


The use of a DOVID (diffractive optically variable image device) is a type of hologram which was used on the 1 Riyal notes. But it isn't the security strip. It's a patch that was used in 2003.


DOVID's are broken down for the following uses 50% for patches, 40% use strips and the remaining 10% use diffractive window threads


Patches are applied at the printworks prior to intaglio printing

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