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Help with 12 Skilling piece


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I am not a world coin man being mainly focussed on ancients nowadays but as a youth I obtained a few world coins and never manged to attribute some of them. I was wondering if anyone could confirm the information I have already noted on the following coin and also provide any further information that they may be able to provide on it. I really know very little about it other than what is written on the scrap of paper it was with.


12 Skilling piece from Kongsberg,Norway under Frederik IV, dating to 1721.




I know it could probably do with some careful cleaning!


Many thanks in advance,



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Its a 12 skilling from Denmark, dated 1721. On the front "DOMINUS MIHI ADIUTOR" (the lord is my helper), the motto of Frederick IV (1699-1730), king of Denmark. Rev: XII SKILLING DANSKE 1721 H*C*M (=Henning Christopher Meyer mintmaster under Christian V and Frederick IV) Kopenhagen

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How much are you wanting for it? I dont have many foreign coins. I have some from the 1900's. That one looks Kool.

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